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Reverse engineer .apk file & decompile Android app

decompile android apk

Reverse engineer .apk file & decompile app. Today we will see how to reverse engineer .apk file & decompile app. Note: This post is just for curiosity or educational purpose.please don’t use it in any illegal activities. What is apk file? Any Android app is made up with combination of bunch of resources,configuration files which constitutes one application just like […]

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Get location in Android using Fused Location Provider Api

How to get location in Android : Fused Location Provider Api

How to get location in Android : Fused Location Provider Api Hi…Today if we see the current application trends then there is huge requirement of tracking or knowing location related activities of user. Note : FusedLocationProvider api is deprecated from Google Play services version 11.6.0 release. You can read it here: FusedLocationProviderClient is new way to fetch the user […]

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How to add common utility for Android application in Android Studio

Hi Friends,Today I am going to share one utility class which I have created and using in my projects to simplify my common utility requirements. I have created one Util class and created my methods as static which helps in accessing these methods without class objects. Just call MyUtils.methodname(context) to access the method from any where from your app. Short […]

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ABCD of Android Marshmallow : Learn whats new in latest Android Marshmallow

Hello Friends, As an Android phone user and a developer I am too much excited to share with you the latest features available in Android Marshmallow. The Android Marshmallow developer preview was recently launched at Google I/O 2015 in San Francisco.Lets have a look on the features: 1.App permissions: These feature will make the life of user very easy because […]

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How to unlock Android phone or tablet if you forget the pattern without Internet

Friends, today I will be sharing with you how you can unlock your Android phone or Tabket if you have forgotten your pattern. Android pattern unlock You can do this in two ways: 1.Either using your Google account(Require Internet Connection). 2.Without using your Google account(Offline). Unlock pattern without using Google account: Note: It will reset your phone data and all […]

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How to root an Android phone easily using free windows tool..100 % working.

Rooting an Android phone means gaining a super user authority of your phone. After rooting your phone you can install any unauthorized applications,install update for operating system and many more you can do for customizing your phone. If someone is using Linux then its like sudo and Rooting=JailBreak in I-Phone. So Today I will be using Free window Tool to […]

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How to improve or save the battery power and tips to boost Android mobile phones battery power

As we know this generation is the smart gadgets generation and we all are playing major role in this. We as a youngsters want costly android phones in our pocket but one problem with the phones is maintaining the battery power.Today I have some tips which can help you to boost your mobile battery power. 1.Manage your resources: You should […]

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Download Android APK Application or APK Files directly to your Computer.

Hi… Friends Let me give you one trick so that you can download apk file of your favourite android application directly to your desktop computer or laptop… Step 1 : Open the Google play store and search for your favorite app which you want to download in your laptop or computer. Step 2 : Then copy the address in the address bar. Step […]

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Use your Android Mobile to shutdown or restart your computer/laptop

Hey friends isn’t it feels like Aladdin’s  Genie who accept all the commands from his master and perform the task for you…. Today I will be explaining you one trick which will control your PC/Laptop and allow you to perform below task: Requirements : Android Phone Personal Computer or Laptop WiFi Modem (please make sure that your android phone and […]

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Use Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a music player or video player without any extension….

Hey friends I have come with a new trick of playing music inside your browsers. Don’t worry its so simple that everyone can enjoy music while surfing… Note: You don’t require any extensions from Google chrome store or from Firefox market. Step 1 : Open your browser and the folder in which you have your songs. Step 2: Now just […]

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