How to save You tube videos without any software..100% working


Note: Saving youtube videos is illegal but its just for educational purpose.


Method 1:

1. Go to and search for your favorite video.
2. Now go to address bar and at the top you will see the URL of your video.

E.g HTTP://

3. Add ss or save before youtube and press enter.

Note: remove the period symbol(.)

4.Final URL will look like this

After this step you will be redirected and you will see the links to save video of any size.

Method 2:

You can use app called TubeMate for Android and you can search the video and can save it. You can view the video using any media player app installed in your Android phone.

Method 3:


You have to install latest youtube app in the Android phone and using that you can mark the desired video to “save offline” and the video will be saved in youtube app. But you can only see the video using youtube app.

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