How to resume videos or document in IDM without downloading the file from beginning if link had expired

Hello Friends , Today we will see a very important trick about resuming the in complete videos using IDM.
Many times we are using slow internet connection and its not always possible to download the big file at once so I have tried something new which will help you.

I have to download YouTube video which may be 200 MB size but I need to download that video in three to four days..
The problem arrives when link is expired or the address need authentication.

Step 1: Open Internet Download Manager and select the file(document/video) which you want to resume.

Step 2: Right Click on the red marked video and click on Properties

Step 3: Now see two things as below:

a. Address: this is the address from which download being done.
b.Web page from which file was obtained(this appear as a link)

Step 4: Now click on Web page from which file was obtained(this appear as a link) and you will again visit the same site from where you have downloaded the previous in completed video now just copy the link as below:

Step 5: Now open  Internet Download Manager and delete the old address in address box and put the latest address which you copied in the box as shown below :

Step 6 : After you have added the new address click on OK at the bottom

Step 7: Now open  Internet Download Manager and right the video which we are resuming for downloading and click on “RESUME DOWNLOAD” an video will start downloading from the place it had paused.

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I hope this post will be useful to my friends who are working on slow internet connection and have faced problem of downloading videos or documents from beginning after it had paused or link expired.

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