Top 8 free and best Direct Mutual Fund Provider SIP 2019
Top 8 free and best Mutual fund provider with SIP 2019

Never invest in a business you cannot understand.”

Warren Buffet

If you kept listening or fed up watching Mutual Funds ads on TV and thinking to invest and jump into much hyped stock arena then you are like me and it was the same thing that compel me to search this:


Top 8 free and best Direct Mutual Fund Provider SIP 2019

And I wasted so much time searching and analyzing each platforms on different sites that soon my Google Chrome browser showing 25 tabs. And then I compiled the below list of 10 online platforms where a beginner can know which platform is suitable for him. So lets start.


Kkuvera is a new generation investment platform and its popularity is rising very high. Its a revolution in Direct mutual fund area as they are providing service for free for using their platform.

Their is no hidden charges but suggestion is to check their policies as they are changing. Kuvera charges approximately Rs 2,500 of yearly feesonce the investment through the platform crosses a lakh.


  • You can buy only direct MF from most of the AMC.
  • Demat Account is not required.
  • Set up easy mandate for ECS with your bank and automatic SIP with instruction email.
  • Your MF holding are accessible from Kuvera as well as AMC Login for transaction.
  • Decent web interface compare to other MF platforms available in India.
  • Decent MFs recommendations.
  • Portfolio with setting of various goal, suitable fund recommendations as per goal timeline and live status of goal achieved are few good things at Kuvera.

Zerodha Coin

Zzerodha :Its another good platform to invest in mutual fund but Zerodha is more popular as a discount broker in stock market.
Zerodha is a complete investment and trading platform and Direct Mutual Funds is one of their offerings (under the product name Coin known as Zerodha Coin).


For the first 25,000 of your portfolio investment is free, and after that, the fee is Rs.50/month, irrespective of the investment amount .It also has a mobile app through which you can view your investments.

Zerodha buys your mutual fund units in Demat format which is just another hassle if you want to shift your platform in the future.

It also has a mobile app with rich user experience.


EETMONEY : The ETMoney Direct Mutual Fund Platform project of Times of India Group, which is a trusted as well as reputed brand name, which is a major benefit as compared to another competitors.

Major offering and benefits of this app is the range of financial offerings they provide like expense tracking, saving schemes, instant loans, insurance etc almost same as

Their mobile app on Android/iOS has improved a lot after complaints from users.


GGroww is another exciting platform which is Bengaluru based startup with 9 lac+ users and 35 + fund providers. They have exciting features available to users for free on their platform.


Xperts: Their expert financial advisors will give customers various financial insights.

Switch : Investor can track all their external and internal mutual funds under one window.


  • Switching between your existing funds to Groww is very easy and without any hassle.
  • Paperless eKYC available if you are first time investor without eKYC.
  • Best thing is their website and mobile apps for Android/iOS are available with very clean user experience.

PPaisabazaar is not a new player here but more famous as a insurance and other financial services provider like ETMoney and selling Mutual Funds is just a part of it.
PaisaBazaar’s direct mutual fund investment platform is a free platform with good user interface

They are also having a good research for the funds which are more suitable for you based on your risk profile and their suggestions are also good.


  • Good customer support. They also provide a WhatsApp number and toll free number and their customer support is very nice.
  • Provides SIP and other plans as well.

MF Utility

MMF Utility : In India, there is a common portal for all mutual fund houses that is :

You can create your account there and you will be assigned one common account number (CAN).

Through this unique number, you can purchase mutual funds from any fund house of your wish. Also, It is completely free of cost.


Their website will give you very old feeling and for the same thing you can use other platforms like Kuvera or Groww which have much handy insights as well as personal suggestions suited for your investment portfolio.

AMC Websites

AAMC Websites : Now what’s that : All mutual fund companies have their own websites through which you can invest in any product offered by them.

You have to simply go to their website, create your own account, select the fund in which you want to invest and pay online. You have to simply transfer the amount you want to invest without paying any extra charges. Also, you will expect accurate details of each fund.


Imagine you have to invest in 5 different funds then you have to manually go to each provider’s website create account and sign in . If you have good memory then take the challenge to remember username and password for each fund.

PayTM Money

PPayTM Money is another new player in the market. Better late than never PayTM decided to leverage their current user base and convert them into their market base.Their basic aim is to increase the figures in the user base.

Paytm Money
Paytm Money web site

Initially, the app will offer all schemes and direct plans from 32+ mutual fund houses, including all large fund houses, that cover around 90% of the industry’s ₹ 22 trillion worth of assets under management.


  • Very good mobile app with rich user controls and insights.
  • Customer support available from app but for common issues you can use :

Catch :

Not criticizing but based on some user reviews you have to trust the stable platform like others. First let PayTM show what level of service they can provide and then decide to select PayTM.(I think you understand what I don’t want to say. )


To summarize, here the numbers don’t indicate which platform is top and which is at bottom they are just indicative and the features,advantages and dis-advantages are based on my regular research and the selection of any platform is based on individual investor/user’s perspective.

Please have some basic research about each platforms and various fund providers before investing and learn to be patient as a mutual fund investor. Here more platforms could be included but these platforms are latest trends in the market.

Please share your story in comments and let us know which is your favorite platform and why.!!

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