How to bypass right click block or enable right click copy and paste function on websites?

Hi… friends
One day I was surfing through internet for materials regarding my entrance exams and I found one useful and very nice website but the problem I faced later is when I tried to copy the content on that website then I found that right click copy-paste function is disabled.

So today I will help you how to enable right click copy and paste function on websites.. This is the magic of java script but don’t worry  and just follow the steps:


1. Go to Settings menu and then go to bottom and click on “show advanced setting ” link.

2. Then you will see Privacy section and click on Content Setting.

3. After clicking on content setting a small pop up window will appear in which you will see JavaScript Section.

4.In that you will see two options:
a. Allow sites to run java script
b. Do not allow any site to run java script

5. By default first option (allow java script ) will be selected and you need to change it and select second option(do not allow java script)

6. Press Done button after doing changes.

7. And refresh the website by pressing F5 or Ctrl+ F5.

And your right click copy and paste function on websites will be enabled.


1.Go to Tools menu and select option menu.

2.Select Content Tab.

3.By default Enable Java Script will be checked and you just need to uncheck it.

4.And refresh the website by pressing F5 or Ctrl+ F5.

So friends I hope now you will not stuck on saving your important contents from websites which had disabled the copy-paste functionality….

Please share or ask if you have the same problem in using websites on other browsers also.

Feeling glad to receive your comment