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FIFA World Cup top apps for streaming

List of top apps : Live Streaming of FIFA 2018 World Cup


List of top apps : Live Streaming of FIFA 2018 World Cup

With Google Officially putting the Doodle for FIFA 2018 World Cup on 14 June 2018,the whole world marked the beginning of the World Cup 2018.

FIFA World cup 2018
FIFA World cup 2018

Now the whole 32 countries started the hustle for lifting the prestigious trophy on behalf of their whole country in Russia.Throughout the whole world football fans stick to their TVs,  bet on their favorite team and watch every single match with hope to see their chosen team winning.

This sounds too much interesting and a lifetime experience, because any sports we play become a part of our soul . We grow up from a child to teenager to adult but our passion for football remains same which make us realize how great this game is. Any game reminds of memories of friends who somehow involved in their life and now we rarely came in contact.

But this world Cup will last for a month but will you be able to watch every single match of 21st FIFA world cup? In the middle of hectic schedule and social life, this might seem quite difficult.

Well, don’t worry. To make sure that every hardcore Football fan among you could stay updated with all the actions on the ground, here we are with a list of top FIFA apps with the latest update, interview, live streaming, and many other such options:

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Official App

The FIFA World Cup 2018 official app will make life easier for you to balance your work life with the latest soccer updates. The application will provide you with the up-to-date news, scores, and information about the team players. You can read the profiles of each player and predict which team would win. Besides this, beautiful thing is you can make predictions about the winning team and also receive the notification before the match and regarding the updates.


My favorite sports medium.Whether it is any sports you can rely on ESPN. You can have its app downloaded from store .It has a dedicated section related to FIFA 2018 world cup.

In this app, you can keep a record of scores in real-time, watch exclusive video clips, stay updated with up-to-the-minute news, get information related to your favorite team only, view the upcoming games chart, read articles by top-notch ESPN writer, and much more.

BBC Sport

The official BBC Sports app is also a great app to watch live football streaming for free on Android and iPhone devices.


  • Offers a complete set of features and services, like selecting your personalized news notifications for more than 300 soccer matches.
  • Watch live streaming or on-demand highlights,
  • Set event reminders,
  • Read the top headlines,
  • Access audio and text commentary, and much more.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is also one of the best FIFA apps to enjoy live broadcast, check live scores and get exclusive content from Puck Daddy.


You can also select your favorite players and teams, and get notifications about their next event. On the top of it, you can also select your favorite players and teams, and get notifications about their next event.

Need to sign up with your Yahoo account.


This FIFA mobile app covers all the football leagues with unparalleled detail.


  • You can check the live scores.
  • Find the commentaries.
  • Find latest breaking news.
  • Watch the recaps, and much more.

Best part is the simple user interface of the application which let you enjoy instead of confusing you with the lot of navigation.

Goal Live Score

As the name suggest ,if just interested in viewing the scores not the live streaming then download this app . The Goal Live Score app keeps you updated with the scores of all the matches and team in real-time, without complicating the things. Plus in available both on Android and iPhone.

Stats Zone

The Stats Zone app is the best FIFA World Cup 2018 app to get in-depth insights of soccer matches. The application shows data and chalkboard visualization of each shot, chance, clearance, and much more.

It let you compare team by team, and player by player to go beyond the highlights recorded by the commentary team. And this way, make the tournament more exciting.

This app uses a performance analysis algorithms that are also used by football clubs.

Univision Deportes

You can enjoy LIVE streaming of soccer leagues in the USA and Puerto Rico via Univision NOW account. It notifies you at the beginning of a match, covers the real-time scorers and the final result of the teams you selected, and share the ranking chart to help you see which team is winning.


This app for FIFA World Cup brings you the real-time news, stats, scores, and videos on your Android and iOS device. It keeps you updated with all the major leagues and competitions, and so, keep the sports spirit and childhood breathe in you.


Let us know your favorite apps in comment section.

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