Reset or Recover Windows 7/Windows XP/Windows Vista password using Hirens Boot CD in 13 easy steps…

Hey..Friends today I will share how to recover windows 7 password if you forget your password…
It happened many times to me that I have forgotten my password and someone suggested me to format and install fresh copy of windows but then I searched internet and compiled the steps to recover windows 7 password in easy way….

Today I will show you how to reset your password using  Hirens Boot CD.
First Download   Hirens Boot CD. and burn it to Bootable CD and follow the easy steps below but carefully…

Step 1: Boot your computer with  Hirens Boot CD and select ” Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer” and press enter.

Step 2: Wait for ” Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer & Registry Editor” to Load.
On the screen below you will see several lines of code executing down your screen.Just keep calm and wait for editor to load.









Step 3 : Choose the Correct Hard Drive Partition

In this step you have to select the partition where you have installed your Windows and you wish to delete password from.
If you have only one operating system installed in your hard drive then its too easy for you.
If this your case then select it and press ENTER.





Step 4: Confirmation about Windows registry path

Here windows need to know the exact  location of windows registry.
Just press ENTER to accept the default windows registry path without changing else.












Step 5 : Choose the password reset option
Offline NT password & Registry Editor can perform many tasks, but we stick to just resetting password in our blog.








Step 6 : Choose the Edit User Data and Passwords Option:
After registry is loaded now it asks you ,what you exactly want to do.
Press enter to accept the default choice of “Edit User data and passwords”.








Step 7: Enter the username to edit.
Here just enter the username for which you wish to delete or reset password.
A default user is always listed between brackets at the prompt. In our e.g its Administrator.

If it’s the default user for which you wish to remove password,just simply press ENTER.Otherwise enter username and press ENTER.












Step 8: Type 1 to Clear (blank) password and then press ENTER.

At the bottom of the screen you will see the User Edit Menu with several options.Offline NT password & Registry Editor will show you information about the username you entered in the last step also full name and what groups the user belongs to,how many failed login attempts have taken place and more.If you see a check in the “Password not required” box, this says that a password is not a requirement for this user. Its not saying that password is not required but rather it says that its possible to clear that password.

Step 9:Type ! to quit the User Edit tool after selection.












Assuming that its all right until now and you should see a password cleared message after entering 1 in the previous step.
Type ! to quit editing user and then press ENTER.
You must take care that ,you confirm these changes in the later stages otherwise password reset will not take place.












Step 10: Type q to quit Offline NT password & Registry Editor

Enter q and then press ENTER to quit Offline NT password & Registry Editor tool.
Note: Not done yet, you still need to confirm your reset change in the next step before it will take effect.












Step 11: Type Y and then press ENTER to confirm your Password reset changes.
At step 4: Writing back changes menu,Offline NT password & Registry Editor asks if you want to write files back.
Type Y and press ENTER.
You should see an EDIT COMPLETE message appearing on the screen.If you do it means that Offline NT password & Registry Editor has written the password changes to your computer.










Step 12: Confirm that You are Finished using Offline NT password & Registry Editor.
Offline NT password & Registry Editor gives an option here to return the program.If you have been with us in all this easy steps then I hope that it works fine for you.

Press ENTER to confirm the default option of not returning the password reset.










Step 13: Remove Hiren’s Boot CD and restart the computer.
You have just completed the process of resetting password using Offline NT password & Registry Editor.






After you restart computer enter the account and don’t enter any password as we have cleared the password for that account.

Don’t forget to add new password after you gain access into your account.

Hope you like this post and you will not to format the windows again to gain access.

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