Use your Android Mobile to shutdown or restart your computer/laptop

Hey friends isn’t it feels like Aladdin’s  Genie who accept all the commands from his master and perform the task for you….
Today I will be explaining you one trick which will control your PC/Laptop and allow you to perform below task:

Requirements :

Android Phone
Personal Computer or Laptop
WiFi Modem (please make sure that your android phone and laptop should be connected to same router)

Step 1: First you need to install two software for installing each on your android device and your                  laptop or computer .

1.a  Download OneId for your PC/Laptop.

1.b Download OneId for your Android Device.

Step 2: After installing OneId on your computer if you dont see any shortcut on your desktop then go to 
C:Program FilesoneIDbin and select the application and send it to desktop for creating shortcut.

Step 3 : Now its turn to connect and authenticate both the devices just like we do when we pair our friends Bluetooth device for first time.

Step 4 : Now open the application using Step 2 instructions on your computer and in your android phone after installing it.

You should see something like these:


Step 5: Once you start the application in your windows you will see some Code. Now in your Android Device just set your starting password (this password will be asked every time when you need to connect your device to your computer) and then enter the Code shown on your computer in the android device.

After you successfully get connected after authentication process gets over you should be feeling like Aladdin and you are done.

Now you can access your computer from your device.

I hope that this post will be helpful to my friends who are feeling little lazy in summers to go to their laptops for doing shutdown.

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