How to solve windows 7 not genuine error or Activate Windows now error


Friends , when we use Windows 7 which is not registered and unfortunately if we change update settings then this error started flashing in bottom of status bar.

Today I will show you how to solve “Windows 7 not genuine error” with very simple and easy steps:


Note: Please take a backup of your system because I will not be responsible for any loss.

Step 1: Download WAT N WUD .

Step 2: Unzip using any file extractor or download Win Rar (in case you don’t have installed in your PC).

Step 3: Extract the folder from zip file and you will see two files(WAT.exe and WUD.exe).

step 4: One by One install both the files.

Reboot if necessary.

Hope it help you and it worked for me …
Happy Blogging…

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