Ravi Yadav is an Android developer whose passion is to develop Android applications and sharing his work. He loves to post  the tutorials which he created while learning any new latest technology topic.He loves to share about the latest technology happenings and other tricks that will be helpful for readers of Askfortricks.

Master Gradle dependency management with Kotlin + buildSrc for Android


Master Gradle dependency management with Kotlin + buildSrc for Android If you find your Gradle file too much cluttered and not organised properly then this post is for you.However it depends on developers that how they manage their code but most of the time due to strict deadlines we don’t care about the most important part “build.gradle”. The task gets […]

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Kotlin KTX -set of extension for Android app dev


KOTLIN – KTX Kotlin KTX is nothing but a  set of extensions designed to make writing Kotlin code for Android more concise, idiomatic, and pleasant. Android KTX provides a nice API layer on top of both Android framework and Support Library to make writing your Kotlin code more natural. Currently in preview, Android KTX provides an API layer on top […]

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Hello Friends, This year’s Google IO is Christmas in advance with very exciting announcements. Today first of all we will see the features list I have compiled . Lets see Google IO 2017 highlights android developer. GOOGLE IO 2017 HIGHLIGHTS ANDROID DEVELOPER KOTLIN: It’s Official Now KOTLIN is now officially supported language for developing Android apps.Its challenging and exciting to […]

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How to configure or setup email/ web mail account on an Android device

Set up email on your Android device

Configure or setup company email or web-mail account on your Android device or Thunderbird.   Today , we will see how we can set up or configure the email account on your Android device such as web-mail account. Here we will use Gmail app because in new mobile phones email app is not there so we have to configure using Gmail […]

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Call api using Volley library Demo


Call rest API using Volley in Android The very basic requirement in developing the Android application is “Api Integration” and fetch the details. For calling the Api we need the android networking library to interact with the web services and get the response from Api. One such library is Volley which is developed by Google to handle Api calls. Volley […]

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How to create custom view in Android and apply the custom font from xml.

Create custom textview or edittext with custom fonts

Hello Friends, After searching hundreds of answers related to creating the customtextview or edittext I came up with my implementation to efficiently create custom view so that we don’t have to assign typeface from java code. And I call it efficient because once I came to scenario related to creating multiple fragments inside FragmentStatePagerAdapter and I wasted days solving the problem […]

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Android Push Notification using Firebase Cloud Messaging.

Firebase Cloud Messaging

Firebase Cloud Messaging Implement Android Push Notification using Firebase Cloud Messaging service Hello Friends we all know about push notifications which inform us about something new service integrated in the app or some new features updated in the existing app. Most common are Instagram follows, likes and recommendations and it goes the same way for all applications. Google Cloud Messaging […]

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Reverse engineer .apk file & decompile Android app

decompile android apk

Reverse engineer .apk file & decompile app. Today we will see how to reverse engineer .apk file & decompile app. Note: This post is just for curiosity or educational purpose.please don’t use it in any illegal activities. What is apk file? Any Android app is made up with combination of bunch of resources,configuration files which constitutes one application just like […]

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Get location in Android using Fused Location Provider Api

How to get location in Android : Fused Location Provider Api

How to get location in Android : Fused Location Provider Api Hi…Today if we see the current application trends then there is huge requirement of tracking or knowing location related activities of user. Note : FusedLocationProvider api is deprecated from Google Play services version 11.6.0 release. You can read it here: https://developers.google.com/android/reference/com/google/android/gms/location/FusedLocationProviderApi FusedLocationProviderClient is new way to fetch the user […]

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Top Windows 10 tricks and tips we don’t need to miss

Finally ,with the new and most awaited Windows 10 arrived now in the market …I have compiled some list of new features…and windows 10 tricks and tips that you don’t wish to miss …So lets start… 1.Start revisited: Most awaited start menu has been highly customized in the latest windows 10 because you can easily resize them by dragging from […]

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