Ravi Yadav is an Android developer whose passion is to develop Android applications and sharing his work. He loves to post  the tutorials which he created while learning any new latest technology topic.He loves to share about the latest technology happenings and other tricks that will be helpful for readers of Askfortricks.

Install Ubuntu with windows 7 using Virtual Box.

Install Ubuntu in Windows 7 using Virtual Box. Hi… Friends many times we feel to install the latest available operating system but we have one problem that we don’t want to lose the previous one…. one option is to use dual boot and install two operating system side by side but that runs down the performance poorly.. so I have […]

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Install Hirens Boot cd in USB drive to reset Windows 7 password in 3 steps

Burn Hirens Boot to USB and reset Windows 7 password Seems like its a to big issue for me and for others also because its password that matters most for using our windows 7 pc. May be it happened to me and my friends also that they have forgot their windows 7 password and comes to me for the solution. And […]

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How to export Wikipedia articles as PDF or eBook.

I will show you How to export Wikipedia articles as PDF. Wikipedia is the biggest online encyclopedia available today. Most of the times it comes to rescue of the students in college Project because as a student I know the importance of Wikipedia. I will give you trick to export the full content of your desired information to single PDF so […]

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How to change default Facebook,You tube,Google Log in Theme and put your desired theme.

Facebook is a social networking site which enables people to connect with friends and people around. But one thing which seems very old and boring is the annoying blue theme of Facebook. Today I will share my first trick about how to change that old theme to put your customize theme. The final outcome will look something like this. Requirement: […]

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