Install Hirens Boot cd in USB drive to reset Windows 7 password in 3 steps


Burn Hirens Boot to USB and reset Windows 7 password

Seems like its a to big issue for me and for others also because its password that matters most for using our windows 7 pc. May be it happened to me and my friends also that they have forgot their windows 7 password and comes to me for the solution. And guess what I suggests that why not format the computer. I was feeling that rather than formatting why not do some work and here I am with this post and very useful utility and very easy steps to reset your Windows 7 pc password.

Well first let me tell you what you will need:

First of all ,if you have not downloaded  Hirens Boot CD image then first download and burn it to a CD.

a. Hirens Boot CD or  image file.
b. 1 GB USB drive

Most Important Note : Please take backup of your USB drive contents because we are going to format it.

Step 1: Formatting your USB Flash Drive

1 a.Connect a 1 GB or above flash drive.

1 b.Download and run USB Disk Storage Format and Follow the screenshots below:



 Step 2: Installing Grub4Dos to USB Flash Drive

2 a.Download Grub4Dos to desktop and unzip the folder:

2 b. Now open the folder and final contents inside the folder will be like below,now run “grubinst_gui.exe”















2c. If you face some warning like below , click “Run”:


2 d. Now as you have run the installer, you will see something like below, just select your drive .

If you are not sure which is your drive then select the drive with same size as your USB Drive.


2 e. Now you will see the below screen shot and Your installation of Grub4Dos is Complete.


Step 3:Copy Files to USB Flash Drive

3 a. Put Hiren’s Boot CD into the CD Drive.
3 b. Copy Everything from CD to USB Flash Drive.
3 c. Copy grldr and menu.lst from HBCD folder of the CD to the USB drive’s root folder. Now finally your contents will look like as shown in below screenshot: (This will be the final view of your USB Drive)

Seems like we are ready to go because we have successfully burn the utility to USB and you have also made this USB as bootable.

Let’s rock your community with this awesome trick.It works for me I have tested it more than five to six times.

Therefore , I hope you will find this post useful.. and you will enjoy this post and rather than thanking this post please do share this post and share your view in comments .

Furthermore, my next post will be …. how to use Hiren’s Boot Cd to recover or reset the windows 7/ XP/vista passwords…

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